The motivation and main mission of the European GLP Nodal Office is (a) to bring together excellent European R&D partners dealing with land management,land use and landscape planning& policies covering research in agriculture, forestry, water management and urban systems from ecological, economic, political and technical point of view and (b) act as a facilitatorfor exchange and cooperation between the international scientific community in this field and the partners in the supporting platform ELI.

A central motivation of the nodal office is to create an added value at the interface between the GLP, ELI and other European networks by making use of the bundled forces in ELI and thereby being able to provide unique support and services. Services, which we already established in the context of ELI and which will be part of the nodal offices activities, are, for instance, an interactive partner data base which holds the partner profile and partner information and supports easy identification and selection of appropriate partners for common activities such as research projects or joint publications. This includes a document management system, which partners can use to share or prepare common projects and documents.