Regional & thematic focus

Regional research focus of the nodal office is derived from the ELI partners location, which are mostly (51 out of 55) situated in Europe so that the nodal offices activities will focus on European land use related questions.

Skyline of Frankfurt, Sandstone cliff, Corn poppies
Thematic focus of the nodal office will be land management, land use planning and land use policies. Our activities within the nodal office as part of the ELI activities will comprise
  1. to develop together approaches how to further advance interdisciplinary research in integrated land management and land useplanning & policies with a focus on
    1. developing approachesfor improved mutual understanding between the land-use disciplines to evolve pathways for "integrative research";
    2. improving science-practice cooperation and further developing ways of better addressing and integrating actors from practice;
    3. developing approaches how to assess the impact of land use planning & policies scenarios regarding actual and future societal needs (ecosystem services) and global trends (energy, land and natural resources scarcity).
  2. to provide a platform for exchange and learning from other disciplines and for mutual support including
    1. connecting competence and sharing expertise of disciplines related to land management, land use planning & policies in research, development and education;
    2. further development and transfer of promising approaches, tools and results;
    3. capacity development within and beyond the ELI partnership by instruments such as short term scientific missions, common projects or education and training activities.