Time frame & resources

Time frame

The Center for Development Research (ZEF) as hosting institution was founded in 1995 and started its actual research activities in 1997. Co-financed by the University of Bonn and by a large amount of project finances, the hosting can be sustained without temporal constraints.
ELI as supporting platform (and driver) is funded by the BMBF until April, 2013, but as a pre-request a business plan was developed for maintaining the platform independent from this starting investment for the next 5 years planning period. As the ELI is conceived as virtual institute and as conference fees, in-kind-partner contributions and sharing of publication fees in case of supplementary issues cover already the costs for our activities, we expect that our objective to establish ELI as an independent virtual institute in the long run comes true.


The primary applicant of the nodal office has a position at Bonn University and a number of externally funded projects from national and EU funds, among them the ELI project, to account for costs for travelling, technical issue and maintenance of the nodal office services and activities. Additionally, five members of ELI partner institutions in Germany, at Dresden University of Technology, at University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf and at PiSolution GmbH agreed to be part of the staff directly assigned to the nodal office. Further staff members at these four institutions are involved in the nodal office activities.