Beneficial activities

Based on the ELI platform, the nodal office will continue to organize the annual conference "RegioResources 21" which aims at enhancing exchange on research and development in the area land management, land use planning, land use policies and instruments used for support.
Each year, we identify topics of common interest, invite approved key note speakers additionally to the normal presentations and offer a thematically designed excursion so that the land-use community cannot only profit from exchange, but gets also input for further developing own approaches.

As an outcome and benefit for the conference participants and for those, who want else to contribute, we offer to organize a special or supplemental issue, where the first started in 2011 in the Journal of Environmental Management.
Also conference independent special issues on topics of interest are already part of the ELI activities and will therefore be continued as a service by the nodal office, where we can make use of the ELI data base to find appropriate partners. As an example, the first conference independent special issue on integrated land use was finished in 2011 in Environmental Management. In the future, the nodal office will also support the finding of partners for such projects, will help to identify suitable journals will contribute to widen the publication opportunities of the land-use community by strengthening existing publication platforms or even by providing in the long run a complementary journal in the land management and land use planning & policies sector.

Another novel format which we currently tested in the ELI platform and which will be adoptedin the nodal office, are stakeholder workshops in different partner countries, where the national partner identifies topics relevant for his or her stakeholders. The workshop organization, invitation of the stakeholders and the translation is in responsibility of the respective partner institution, while the nodal office provides the platform to impart experts and their knowledge to the institution requesting the expertise.

Furthermore, we plan to establish activities in the educational area, where a first attempt is in preparation to get funded a summer academy on land use planning under climate change by the Volkswagen Stiftungwith partners in Europe, Brazil, China and West-Africa to represent best a climate and land use pressures gradient.

As result of the nodal office activities, we try to make use of our meetings, workshops and conferences to further develop and sharpen our ideas on research approaches which enhance the integration and interaction of land use related disciplines and to draft hereon based improved cooperation strategies and pilot studies.
All these activities could contribute to the range of actions within GLP and serve the GLP community as additional exchange and cooperation opportunity.